Film Production, Photography and Content Creation

Our Story

Gold Creative is a family run creative agency and production company who produce beautifully tailored content to complement effective marketing strategies, elevating your brand, products and services above your competition.

Launched in 2012 by husband and wife team Richard and Amelia, Gold Creative are immensely proud of the crew we work with and the teams we build. We know that no two jobs or budgets are ever the same, and so we work with a vast pool of extremely talented freelancers to ensure that we bring on board the right team for each individual project. We work with some amazing talent with years of experience in the corporate, commercial and feature film world.


Has the power to connect emotionally and reflect your brand through high quality imagery.


Designing the visual character of your brand/business is worthy of an unparalleled amount of attention.


At its best is word of mouth, getting the word out there is where we come in.


Is truly an art form and we work with only those who know how to both create it and deliver it on time.


Engages with your every sense and when delivered correctly creates a priceless sense of desire.


Composed just for you or chosen from our library where we have license free tracks for all platforms.

Meet Our Team

Our key players and founders of Gold Creative.
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Has a Screen Actors Guild Award for Shakespeare in Love. Had one word.

Richard Gold
Managing Director
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Likes watching the first 20 minutes of films before falling asleep.

Amelia Gold
Creative Director
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Chilled-Out Entertainer

Had a starring 3 second role in the first Harry Potter film. When asked to give thoughts on his acting debut, one critic said: "How did you get into my house?!"

Matthew Wilson
Production Manager | Developer
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Faster than Usain Bolt. Sassier than Beyonce.



(Most Valuable Players)

Normally we like to keep our freelancers to ourselves so that no-one else can steal them! But the guys below are far too talented to keep secret from the world.

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Films made

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